Design for Manufacturing

Designing for Manufacturing is a widely used production technique that is aimed at increasing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process, while effectively minimizing manufacturing costs and eliminating all unnecessary expenditures. It is a highly recommended approach for manufacturing and fabricating printed circuit boards. DFM is designed to reduce the manufacturing costs of your cheap PCB prototype, and the highly standardized and well-regulated rules allow the PCB designer to carry out the PCB manufacturing process with the use of highly optimized equipment and resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Designing for Manufacturing is a process that is specifically designed to effectively streamline the production process, eliminate cost overruns and reduce all the time delays to ultimately enhance the profitability and provide your business a competitive edge. If a fabrication shop manages to save maximum time and effectively counter all delays, he can deliver the order quicker than others and enable the customers to reap the benefits of quick time to market and established branding. However, it is essential to understand that the DFM process does not, in any way, rush or hurry the production process, on the contrary, it efficiently regulates and standardizes all the stages of production to ensure that the production management and organisation is not overwhelmingly complicated, cost prohibitive or slow.

The importance and significance of designing for manufacturing cannot be ignored as the design decisions account for around 70% of the production and manufacturing costs, while the actual production and development process only accounts for a mere 30%. The DFM process ensures that your design is highly standardized and structured with well-regulated rules and steps to ensure that the complexity of manufacturing is effectively reduced along with the costs. At Quick Turn Protos, we conduct a DFM check on all orders. This enables us to keep our PCB manufacturing costs on the low end and pass the savings to our customers.

The DFM process is structured to not only reduces costs and eases the complexities involved in production, but also provides a whole range of benefits that include the following:

  • The DFM helps us, the PCB manufacturer makes the most effective and productive design decisions that begin by choosing the most suitable panel size and run.
  • The DFM approach effectively and efficiently reduces all raw material, equipment, overhead and labor costs, and in turn, drives the cost incurred on production as low as possible.
  • It is specifically designed to shorten the PCB Manufacturing cycle, so that we can deliver your cheap PCB prototype with a quick turnaround, sometimes as quick as the same day.
  • The DFM is indeed the most effective and reliable approach to effectively eliminate all delays, production stoppages and downtime that will lead to incurring extra costs and delay the delivery.
  • Lastly, the DFM check optimizes material usage that leads to a great avoidance of wastage and drives down the overall manufacturing costs.

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